What is

Social Sorted?

Social Sorted is no more – but you can now join Social Sorted’s little sister site – pixsalon!

A membership platform jam-packed with downloadable social media images and customizable captions all designed to elevate your social media game.

Especially curated for hair and beauty salons – of course!

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What do you get each month?

On the 25th of every month, you’ll receive a fresh new issue filled with salon social content and all the tips & tricks you need to build a winning strategy across your social channels.

39 professionally shot images

No more searching, styling, creating or editing to get the perfect social image.

We’ve made it super easy for you to grab an image and post on-the-go. We know how time-consuming it can be to find or create images, so we’ve done the hard yards and produced gorgeous, high-res, royalty-free images AND professionally designed quotes for you to use! Simply click to download the pics you love.

39 customizable captions

Have you ever stared at your screen trying to think of what to write for a post and come up blank? With Social Sorted, gone are the days of trying to muster up a compelling caption – we’ve done it all for you!

Each month you’ll receive 39 professionally written, ‘fill-in-the gap’ style captions to customize or spark your own creative version! Simply copy and paste.

See it in action

Strategic Action Plan

Struggling with your social strategy? Can’t keep up with the latest social trends? You’re not alone – we promise.

That’s why we include a strategic Action Plan with new worksheets for you to fill out every month. This glossy workbook is packed with strategic tasks and step-by-step guides for you to implement and complete.

Each month will focus on different topics to ensure you’re able to continually improve and refine your salon’s social media strategy.

Exclusive community support

Your support crew awaits!

In our private Social Sorted Facebook Group, you’ll get to connect with other salon owners to jam on ‘all things social’. It’s the perfect place for you to ask questions, get feedback and connect with other hair & beauty industry peeps… and of course, share and celebrate your wins.

PLUS – we’ll be dropping bonus content like masterclasses, live trainings and guest speakers in here too.

Take a sneak peek

Take a sneak peek inside…


Do the images and captions change each month?

YES! On the 25th of each month, you’ll receive a fresh new batch of images and captions to level up your social media game!

Are there posts for beauty?

YES we are so excited to now be offering posts and captions specific to beauty as well as all our other easily-adaptable images and captions.

Can the content be used with a scheduling program?

Yes, you can simply download the content to your device then upload, plan and schedule posts through your scheduling program.

Do I get a new Action Plan each month?

Yes each month you will receive a sparkly new Action Plan jam packed with the latest social media strategies to engage your audience.

Can I edit the captions?

YES! Feel free to fill-in-the-gaps with our suggestions, or use our ideas to spark your literary genius!

Do I need to credit the photos?

Nope! These are 100% ALL YOURS #royaltyfree. We’ve hired the best professional photographers to take unique images for you salon’s social media!

Can the images only be used on Instagram?

Nope! These images can be used ANYWHERE on ANY social media, from your Instagram feed or story, to your LinkedIn or even your email marketing!

What about Facebook posts?

Of course darling! All the captions, images and strategies can be used for all types of social media. Go wild!

Take control of your social media strategy today

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Work through Action Plan


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Customize captions


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